Create a dialog quiz with an office program for documents in the Open Document Format

You can use this form to create a dialog quiz from a text edited with an office program on your computer. Start by clicking one of the links below displaying a schema which you copy to your computer as an ODF file (with extension .odt).

Now open the file on your computer with an office program like LibreOffice or any other program for editing an ODF file. (If there is no such program on the computer you can use the word processor Google Docs as desribed below or maybe some other word processor on the Internet. In LibreOffice, at least, it's easy to create mathematical formulas in the Web standard MathML).

The labels in the first column identify the txt you write in the neighbouring field in the same row. It is important that the structure and format of the schema remains unaltered.

When you have specified your questions and corresponding correct answers and whatever save the file and return to this form. Into the entry fields below enter the name of the quiz and the complete path to the ODF file on your computer (use the Browse... button) and press the ENTER key. Your quiz is displayed in a separate window.

Notice the location of the quiz in the location field of the browser. This location should be announced to any person who is to have access to the quiz unless he/she has access to it via a Learning Management system.

Example(s) below.

Schema in ODF
for dialog quiz containing up to...
10 questions

Path to the schema (HTML file) on your computer specifying quiz:


Notice when using Google Docs:
1. after starting the editor copy the schema from either the computer or the internet using the button marked UPLOAD.
2. after editing create a presentation of the file in the HTML format. Then, with the browser copy this format to the computer.

Dialog quiz examples
Quiz with basic options ODF-skema
Quiz with mathematical text (MathML) ODF-skema
Quiz with tables ODF-skema