Features added since 20021001

20101001: Mathematical formula checking using OS program icas.bin (Giac/Xcas).

20100901: File upload answer in dialog quizzes.

20100701: Dialog quizzes: Optional text, all answers collected, for registered answeres only.

20100309: Pick lists added to MC-quizzes and questionnaires.

20100215: Elaborating response from server with response matrix.

20100107: Guest accounts generated dynamically on request.

20091001: Creating trial quizzes and questionnaires via schemas.

20090429: Creating quizzes and questionnaires with a word processor.

20081201: Specifying image with width and height. Coordinate set answers. Picking coordinate sets on image (Dialog and test quizzes).

20081024: Modification of appearence of test quizzes, multiple-choice quizzes and questionnaires using Open Office text processing system or other HTML editor.

20080207: Inserting markup (HTML and QuizComposer) from select lists in definition forms.

20080103: Alternative correct values can be specified for a scalar answer.

20071116: Cascaded Style Sheet for quiz/questionnaire can be specified with form

20071102: Quiz can be specified with an Open document.

20070202: Entry fields displayed for (slight) altering.

20070127: Approximative text answers.

20070110: Tools for making quizzes and questionnaires public and downloading for modification with a single click.

20061129: Logo, CSS, script, QCTeX->MathML conversion table either associated with a particular quiz (or questionnaire) or common (each quiz can only be associated with one of Logo, CSS, script, QCTeX->MathML table).

20060829: Pick from scrolled list for selection and paste into text answer field.

20050523: Analyzer for comparing answer with specification when both are an algebraic formula.

Interface programs to Maple and Mathematica made public.

Generating HTML-page containing links to authors public packs.

20050106: Possiblity of making definition of a quiz and/or a questionnaire public.

20050106: Possiblity of making package of quizzes and/or questionnaires public as plain text on HTML page.

20040521: Possiblity of writing mathematical formulas (MathML) in multiple-choice quizzes.

20040214: Introducing possiblity of hiding quizzes and questionnaires for later retrieval. Hidden quizzes and questionnaires are not included in lists presented to author/owner or participant/answerer.

20040130: Introducing learning quiz bundles,i.e. set of quizzes generated from a template having 'placeholders' for differences.

20040114: Introducing optional guest accounts (specified during installation).

20031219: Non-course answerers need only password for access to closed quiz tests and questionnaires.

20031104: Possibility of collecting erroneous answers to learning quizzes for later display.

20031021: Introducing form whereby an author or course owner can define a general logo for future quizzes and questionnaires.

20031002: Generation of access forms for closed quizzes and questionnaire surveys when registering participants.

20030911: Introducing a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

20030707: Private logo in quizzes and questionnaires

20030602: In multiple choice quizzes and in questionnaires possible JavaScript function call on_submit(form). Free texts in single line entry fields.

20030521: Possible JavaScript function on_submit(form) call when learning or test quiz is answered. Round count in condition in dynamic hint for finalisation of question.

20030514: Introducing multiple-choice quizzes.

20030502: Checkbox buttons in questionnaires (more than 1 button can be clicked in a question). 20030120: Introducing corrective elements in post hints. Example of a quiz and its definition.

20030502: Checkbox buttons in questionnaires (more than 1 button can be clicked in a question).

20030104: Introducing course feature: quizzes and questionnaires only accessible (mainly) to participants registered with the course by quiz server administrator or, possibly, course instructor.

20021203: Up to 99 questions in questionnaire (previously 30).

20021125: Introducing hyperquizzes in HTML. One question displayed at a time depending on how the previous question was answered. Or another quiz or another Internet resource.

20021111: In learning quizzes introductory text and text following all questions may be repeated together with unanswered or incorrectly answered questions.

20021109: A reward can be displayed with each correctly answered question in a learning quiz.

20021105: Dynamic post hint feature for questions to be answered with an ordered set (extension of feature for scalar answers).

20021101: Specification of correct number answer as closed interval, e.g. 1756="+-10"= (extension of specification using +- for open interval).

20021011: Quizzes with mathematical formulae in MathML generated as XHTML-pages (for MathML capable browsers, e.g. Mozilla).