This page displays links to questionnaires created with QuizComposer and made public by the course/author examples-en on the server

For each questionnaire the table lists the name and the descriptive title.

Clicking the name presents the questionnaire for answering.

Clicking the title presents the schema by which the questionnaire is defined.

Questionnaire examples.

qstnr1_en.htm Questionnaire without points.
qstnr2_en.htm Questionnaire with points to be summed.
meval_en.htm A real-life questionnaire.
dating_en.htm A calender with checkbox buttons.

If you answer the first questionaire, you'll get a response containing a link to an example of a presentation of results of a questionnaire survey. Click the link and you will get the original questionaire modified as follows:

  1. each button is replaced by a brace containing the number of answerers having clicked the button,
  2. a question to be answered with optional text is followed by all answers of that question (in random order).
This is one of the formats for the presentation of results of a questionnaire survey, see this form.

If you answer the second questionaire, you'll get a response from the server examplifying common responses for self-tests (like in psychological tests, knowledge level tests, etc). This is because the questionnaire is defined with points to be summed up, as you can see from the definition form.