This page displays links to quizzes created with QuizComposer and made public by the course/author examples-en on the server localhost.

For each quiz the table lists a name, a title and a defining skema for the quiz.

Clicking the name presents the quiz for answering.

Clicking the title presents a schema in HTML defining the quiz.

With the ODT link you download an editable definition of the quiz in Open Document Format.

Examples illustrating applications.

Common knowledge Illustrates some features in QuizComposer ODT
mozart_en Learn by answering multiple type questions getting response hints ODT
mozartx_en Not answerable. Test quiz with multiple type questions and immediate evaluation ODT
solsys_en Multiple-choice quiz: Our Solar System ODT
hyper1_en Hyper quiz (Questions presented depending on answers) ODT
qcmathquiz_en Formula answers evaluated with QCmath (A simple algebraic language). ODT
it_hotelarrival_en Beginners course in Italian ODT

Examples illustrating details.

numbers_en Answering with numbers - intervals and arithmetic expressions ODT
words_en Answering with word and word sequence ODT
sequence_en Answering with an ordered or unordered sequence of numbers, words, formulas ODT
buttons_en Click button answers (radio buttons and checkboxes ) ODT
pick-paste_en Quiz with answers picked from a list ODT
formulas_en Formula answers in the algebraic language QCmath ODT
formulas2_en Answering with a sequence of formula expressions (x^2+b*x+c=0) ODT
geom_en Geometry quiz displaying figures ODT
demo-css_en Specification of style (Cascading Style Sheets = CSS) ODT
javascript_en Quiz using a JavaScript program ODT
mathml_en Mathematical quiz displaying formulas using LaTeX/MathML ODT
questiontypes Question types ODT
answertypes Answer types ODT
hinttypes Hints issued for incorrect answers ODT

Other examples of applications.